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Products that every Iranian needs at least one hundred percent

The best brand of herbal spirits

Ghadah,The best brand of herbal spirits

Wholesale purchase of Kashan rose water

Buy original Kashan rose water

Gadah of spirits

Take health home with the Gadah of herbal spirits.

شراب عشبي

Surprise your guests with herbal syrups.

6 useful sweat for Corona

Preventing corona virus, improving corona virus

The best brand of herbal spirits

Why is Qadh the best brand of herbal spirits?

- Production and preparation of organic and original spirits from organic plants
- Production of spirits from plants in the best region of Iran (Kashan, because of the climate and soil region, has the field to grow plants with better quality and better taste and smell than other regions of Iran).
- Preparation of herbal extracts with advanced devices and the most up-to-date technologies in the world
- Production of spirits in a hygienic and clean environment
- Production of spirits according to global standards
- Production of natural and healthy spirits (with healthy apples)
- Checking and conducting microbial tests and... to ensure product health and quality
- The cup, the holder of the statue of the best taste
- Goblet, with a statue of appreciation from top CEOs in the field of food and drug production
- Mug, with a statue of customer satisfaction

Wholesale purchase of Kashan rose water

Kashan rose water has been known for a long time and there are few people who have not heard the name of original Kashan rose water, and many people ask for original Kashan rose water from the seller when they buy rose water. For this reason, the demand for the bulk purchase of Kashan rose water in stores, perfumeries and centers for distribution of herbal spirits is significantly high. Raiha Company, as the best distributor of herbal spirits in Kashan, has sold wholesale spirits and rose water for the well-being of its dear customers, and in this regard, it sells all kinds of rose water in 10 and 20 liter gallons. The price of wholesale rose water is considered to be much more affordable for buyers.

Click on the link below to buy wholesale rose water.

Wholesale purchase of rose water

Get your Gadah of health with herbal ingredients

After years of research and gaining experience and using the experiences of Iranian medicine professors and medicinal plant experts, Kadah mixed spirits are produced and packaged in a completely hygienic environment under the direct supervision of the Food and Drug Organization.

Qadh has prepared all kinds of spirits individually and in combination for you to use according to your needs.

All kinds of mixed spirits have been produced for you, dear ones, to be used for different purposes, so that you can have them in one place instead of eating several herbal spirits separately at the same time. In addition, take advantage of the properties of several herbal extracts by consuming a mixed extract.

The best-selling mixed spirits:

- Women

- prostate

- obesity

- blood fat

- Diabetes

- 6 useful sweats for corona and preventing infection

mixed spirits

Gadah herbal syrups

Since many people use herbal extracts to prepare syrup. Qadh decided to prepare syrups related to the most popular herbal spirits for you dear ones.

By preparing cup herbal syrups:

- You don't need to spend a lot of time preparing syrup

- You don't need to be sensitive about the amount of ingredients when making syrup, you don't need to add a little bit of ingredients each time and test the made syrup.

- You will no longer worry about the taste of syrup or the compatibility of tastes.

- You will no longer need different raw materials.

- You don't need to spend a lot of money anymore and you can save your budget by preparing cup syrups.

Click on the button below to view the mug syrups.

Gadah herbal syrups

6 useful sweat for Corona

The use of medicinal plants and food effective in strengthening the body's immune system and anti-virus can be effective in preventing people from contracting the corona disease. According to traditional medicine, the body's resourcefulness, or the immune system, has a self-care mode against viruses and diseases. And goes to the virus war. But if the immune system is weak, the body cannot fight and resist viruses. This issue regarding the corona disease is completely debatable.

Thyme and other herbs introduced in this pack are one of the most important prescriptions of traditional medicine to strengthen the body's immune system.

Herbs useful to prevent corona include: rose water, frankincense, fennel, thyme, hyssop, and marjoram, which we have prepared for you in the form of a pack.

6useful sweat for Corona


Amazing quality products that give a beautiful sense of health to your home

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Why choose the mug?

The use of herbal extracts, especially in recent years, has attracted the attention of the general public as well as traditional medicine specialists, and its effectiveness has been proven both as a food supplement and as a treatment.

In the meantime, a popular brand such as Kadh has proven its freshness and proper packaging with the Food and Drug Organization's health apple logo and quality control standards.

We suggest that you use Kadh products once to experience the satisfaction and excellent results of these spirits

Manager Of Company

Gulab Raiha Company is ready to provide products to you by using the most up-to-date devices and producing the highest quality products.

Mohammad Reza Rish Sefid - CEO

Mohammad Reza Rish Sefid


Food engineering

Maryam Rish Sefid - Head of Laboratory

Maryam Rish Sefid

Head of Laboratory

Master of Industrial Microbiology

Maedeh Alipour - Responsible for quality control

Maedeh Alipour

Responsible for quality control

Masters in Chemical Engineering

Abolfazl Haj Qadiri - Sales Manager

Abolfazl Haj Qadiri

Sales Manager

Marketing and sales expert


We invite you who are interested in traditional medicine and medicinal plants to read the presented scientific articles

Golab Rayehe Agency Info

Information on a number of broadcast centers and sales agencies throughout Iran and broadcasting Europe

Hossein Faraj- Tehran  Broadcast office

Hossein Faraj

Tehran Broadcast office

Tehran-Shahr Ray-Firouzabad-09123153021

The central store of Golab Raiha Company in Iran- Tehran exhibition

The central store of Golab Raiha Company in Iran

Tehran exhibition

wholesale and retail sales of all products at factory door prices - free viewing and testing of all products - expert advice on all products - possibility of buying in person and by phone - Tehran - Zone 4 - End of Babai Sharq Highway Phone: 09122931388 Management: Engineer Zakari

Ali Mohammadi- Sari broadcasting office

Ali Mohammadi

Sari broadcasting office

Sari, km 2 of Sari highway to Qaymshahr 09030000823

Mr. Asadpour- Tehran broadcast office

Mr. Asadpour

Tehran broadcast office

Islamshahr - Baharestan Hesarak, bottom of Keshavarz street, plate 32-09125231573

Seyyed Afshin Hosseini- Kermanshah broadcasting office

Seyyed Afshin Hosseini

Kermanshah broadcasting office

Kermanshah, Moalem town, Zamzam intersection, 09188395845

Ali Soleimani- Bushehr broadcasting office

Ali Soleimani

Bushehr broadcasting office

Bushehr Aali, Gorak Jamal, corner of Imam Hossein Mosque alley, 07735282599- 09177240518

Mr. Najafi- Ahvaz broadcasting office

Mr. Najafi

Ahvaz broadcasting office

Khuzestan, Ahvaz, Bankadaran Grand Complex, Nezami St., Phase 3 of the Company, Najafi Broadcasting 06135575152-4

Information on a number of broadcast centers and sales agencies throughout Iran and broadcasting Europe

Honors of golaberayehe

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News of company

We are by your side with important news and events of Gulab Raiha company in order to provide more quality and useful products for you dear customers.

Donation of the golden statue of worthy heads of the Golden Circle

Donation of the golden statue of worthy heads of the Golden Circle

Donation of the golden statue of worthy heads of the Golden Circle

ادامه مطلب
1402/11/18 12:19 0
Wide herbal drink in layout competition

Wide herbal drink in layout competition

The use of wide organic herbal drink in the first part of the layout competition - the first competition of interior design and decoration

ادامه مطلب
1402/07/13 12:27 0
Central store of Golab Raiha Company

Central store of Golab Raiha Company

Buy herbal spirits and rose water from the Gulab Raiha exhibition with free testing

ادامه مطلب
1402/07/13 09:46 3
Exporting organic herbal drinks to Germany

Exporting organic herbal drinks to Germany

Buying herbal spirits and other products of Golab Raiha company, including Kashan rose water and organic herbal drinks and sending them to Germany

ادامه مطلب
1402/05/29 13:11 0

Iran has a very good position in the world in terms of coverage of medicinal plants, due to the ancient knowledge of Iranians in the field of medicine and the valuable treasure of scientific resources of Iranian scientists and sages and using the experiences of other countries in the field of improving the technology of the medicinal plant industry and Natural products are suitable conditions for the production of herbal spirits with high quality.

Gulab Raiha company is proud since 1993 with the Kadh trademark in the field of rose water and herbal spirits and a wide trademark in the field of herbal syrups with a brilliant history in the field of producing herbal products with health and standard marks and various international quality certificates. By receiving valuable statues from organizations related to the satisfaction of respected consumers and suppliers, it has gone beyond expectations in domestic and foreign markets.